miércoles, septiembre 09, 2009


In my memory 1997 it was a pretty good year, I was finishing the university, doing a radio program, working as a volunteer for YWAM and playing piano in a new church, it was my first experience out of the denomination where I grow up. And, I din´t know what was a Youth Pastor. I just knew what a pastor was... plane: pastor.

That summer I was hired to work as a translator for TeenMania, an organization that takes high school´s students on over seas mission trips and that first morning I was going to meet the team that I will be working with for a week, and there he was: Bill Foley, in his forties, bald, big and... crazy. "Hi, I am Bill and I am a Youth Pastor". "A what?!", that was my response, and the rest is history.

That was an incredible week, I will never forget it. What I saw in Bill those days shape my way of do ministry forever, I knew what I was call to do: I was call to be a youth pastor. The next months and years I was in contact with him, he sent me books, magazines, he kind of knew what God was calling me to do. He never came back and it has been 9 years since I last talked to him. I could say that the reason I am in ministry with youth is Bill.

I din´t know what was a Youth Pastor, Bill Foley show me what is that.
If some day you read this, I would like you to know, Bill, that you are one of my biggest influence. God bless you.*

Nota: la razón por la cual escribí esto en mi limitado inglés es que me gustaría que algún día, si todavía vive, Bill lea esto.

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